Monday, May 18, 2009

Vol de Nuit.

Based upon Shawn’s worldly suggestion, I convinced some coworkers to visit this hip bar in the west village. They had belgian ales on tap and a great selection in bottled format. I myself quite enjoyed the Orval. The bartenders however were slow and unfriendly- I think it’s my blue Northface backpack. Man, walk into a trendy bar with one of those on and with a silly nalgene hanging off of it and you are the epitomy of uncool. Don’t do it. Leave it to professional uncool and awkward people like myself. Then, my friend Jane witnessed a four inch cockroach in the wc which basically ended any future visits. I nervously entered the wc afterwards fully expecting an arthropod the size of my hand to skitter up one of my pant legs and leave me in the madhouse rocking in a corner. Instead, I stumbled upon some amusing graffiti, which I have arranged for you below in ascending order of philosophical importance.

We start off with a quote by Baudrillard... something about the "desert of the real." I have no clue what he meant by this, but I think it was used in the Matrix, so it must be important.

Onward to onanism... it's almost dialectical. We start off with self pleasuring, evolve to mutual, and end with total rejection. Good stuff.
"Bush is Satan." Now that's deep.
"Yup... another turd.." Can't argue with or mock that one. Must be a universal truth.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonderstuff failed attempts.

Here's a video Shawn made of me on wonderstuff 5.12d. It's supposed to be soft for 12d, but it's still relatively unfathomable for me at this point. I think this one is going to require some, gulp, training. Don't know if I will, or what that would entail. Cardio? Less bacon on the weekends? Meditation? Too bad it's now a bajillion degrees in Vegas, so I might have to wait until autumn for a good try again. Back to Mt. Charleston for some drilled limestone pockets...

Wonderstuff attempts. from Hotel Sierra on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fear This Sport.

Video of me falling off the first bouldery crux of Fear this Sport 5.12b at Cannibal Crag. I later discovered a knee bar but it's still quite difficult for me. If anybody out there has good beta, I'll take it. After falling, there is an impromptu moment of passion. Hey, it happens.