Monday, January 11, 2010


So happy to be in Jtree again.

Driving through the Mojave National Preserve, we encountered the above paragon of american culture: A speed limit sign riddled with bullet holes, replete with interesting sticker. The symbolism could easily fill several pompous essays. I personally just enjoy the sunlight shining through the projectile-induced perforations.

So it was just me and RV "Superrovanova". She recently started climbing indoors in NYC and enjoys bouldering, so why not introduce her to some of the stiffest boulders in the southwest? I mean, I can do a v7 at red rocks or the gunks if I'm lucky, and I can't even do a v0 friction slab at jtree. Anyway, I think it worked. When RV returned to NYC, her outdoor exposure lent her a new perspective on indoor climbing. She immediately ceased being intimidated by phony indoor grades once she realized she was climbing in a totally safe multi-colored foam padded loony bin where all the holds are friendlier than the friendliest that Red Rock has to offer.

RV meets a martian friend of similar stature.

Monzonite granite vs. RV's skin.

Somebody working The Chube V2.

RV on a 5.6 slab by Barker Dam entrance. A group of tourists walked by and exclaimed, "She's not hooked in!"
Slam Dunk V3 in hidden valley. This cost me 5 or 6 attempts, plus a smashed right toe as I idiotically swung my feet into the wall.

Slam Dunk V3. from Hotel Sierra on Vimeo.