Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Not sure why people need such large tick-marks, especially in the form of a smiley face, when the hold itself is already saturated with chalk. The above photo was from Monkey Bars boulder in Kraft. C'mon! If you find yourself needing a tick mark visible from 30 feet away, wouldn't it be better to just apply climbing tape? Go ahead and apply a huge strip of lime green tape to the hold. Then, when you're done with your fluorescent aided sendage, at least you can remove the tape from the boulder and leave it as you found it. Could it be that people try so hard they can't see the holds unless it's dramatically marked, or is it gym rats transporting the gym to the outdoors?

Anywho, list of week's problems sent:

Wed - Red Springs
Monkey Wrench - V6
St. Louis - V4 (repeat)
It's On - V4 (repeat)

Thurs - Kraft
Monkey Traverse - V7

Sat - Kraft
Monkey Direct - V8
Slopey Traverse - V6 (repeat)

I am unsure of the grades and probably got lucky with good conditions and positively psyched partners. Sorry no pix or vids b/c i only had one spotter, and sends were usually in poor light right around sunset. Monkey Direct is my first "v8" but word is that it's soft. Since I can't do v4 in the gunks or jtree, probably best to consider everything i've ever sent as V3. Either that or I have an affinity for boulder problems that contain the word "monkey".

John's first time.

"Show me the boulders!"...

"Show me the chicken pot pie!"
"Show me the Bowling Pin (V4)!"

P's two dawgs.

"I am the king!  Follow me!"