Monday, June 25, 2012

A nymph and a prophet.

There was nothing worth posting since I injured my hand and then my ankle over the last year.  I stopped climbing.  This left me with no counterweight to the monotonous dirge of soul crushing spreadsheets and endless emails.  I was forced to rely on alcohol and guitar to keep my sanity.  I discovered that a defiled spirit spawns morphological offspring: I became fat and weak like my fellow denizens of the fluorescent office kingdom.   It was time to return to the only thing that's fun and keeps you looking good in the mirror...

Triassic Sands.  Paul McCartney look alike peeks over the ledge.
Bouldering in the forest with T and Y.  The lighting through the canopy reminded me of the greek nymphs that inhabit forests.

 Here's a strong fella onsighting Straight Shot (11d) in First Creek.  A nice photo by D rapping on Gin Ricky or Rob Roy at the moment his chalkbag flew off his harness at the crux.  I think the ascensionist is named after the founder of a north american religion.