Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wonderstuff failed attempts.

Here's a video Shawn made of me on wonderstuff 5.12d. It's supposed to be soft for 12d, but it's still relatively unfathomable for me at this point. I think this one is going to require some, gulp, training. Don't know if I will, or what that would entail. Cardio? Less bacon on the weekends? Meditation? Too bad it's now a bajillion degrees in Vegas, so I might have to wait until autumn for a good try again. Back to Mt. Charleston for some drilled limestone pockets...

Wonderstuff attempts. from Hotel Sierra on Vimeo.


M said...

Looks like a cool route with techie body position. How powerful did the moves feel?


Chilly Breeze said...

Cranky - For me, the route is like a fat lady - a ton of fun. No individual move exceeds a benchmark v4 or 5, hence the "soft" 12d. But no move falls below v1-2. Thus it's rather continuous with the two jugs not as a good as you'd like. The continuity of the sustained difficulty makes it tough. - Sleepy