Monday, August 24, 2009

Raku - P birthday

Amazing dishes, each one a visual and flavorful masterpiece. It's my favorite place in Vegas. Bouchon is amazing but I personally prefer the raku style of numerous small and varied dishes, reminiscent of spanish tapas.
This cold appetizer was ridunculous! Several of my favorite things all together: a poached egg, salmon roe (ikura), and sea urchin (uni). Ovum, sperm, gonads. Of course it's delicious. At $7 it's definitely a bargain.

Matt's woody.

Checked out Matt's woody (no, not that one)... for lack of a title/brand, I'm dubbing it "The Classroom" because you go there to... - wait for it - to get schooled. Horrible joke, but it sort of works since Matt is a teacher. A friend of his was able to drill real rock holds which provided an interesting experience. For one thing, the real rock holds were much cooler to the touch temperature-wise than the plastic holds. I don't know how it's possible but there's definitely a difference when grabbing a piece of real rock. There are close-ups of the real rock holds at his website. Maybe there's a difference because there's a liminal amount of flex and give in the plastic holds that doesn't happen with stone.
A dyno. I know it's not really climbing, but I can't help it.