Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Our intreprid guide Randy asks his smartphone device the question on the mind of all sentient beings: "What should I do next?"  We are at DeDe's in Cedar City (voted 3rd best restaurant in Utah!)  fueling up with some blueberry pancakes.  We're on our way to Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park to try a very long sport route called Namaste 5.12a...
A view of the canyon at the beginning of the hike.  The morning sunbeams were beautiful and auspicious.  We aimed for the very back of the canyon.  It took about 45 min to an hour of hiking.
John ascended first... we had an 80M rope, but I think 70 would have sufficed.

Randy getting lowered.  You can see the extent of the overhang at the start of the route.

Some shots of me on my flash attempt.  It's a long route.

 All in all, a magical day.  We had the canyon to ourselves the entire time.  I would highly recommend a visit if you are passing through because it's so accessible.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Burn food then climb.

 Not too happy with my hamburger.  Just tossed the whole shebang into the campfire.  I obtained my calories from beer instead.
A v3ish thing at Rock Creek.  It's granite with knobs protruding.  Very high quality.  There is a creek there that requires crossing.  It was a little tricky with two dogs.  Ice cold water was experienced.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Dune.

Finally decided to check out that "Big Dune" on 95N on the way to Bishop.  It's actually sort of intriguing.  Above, Othello joins me on an exploratory jaunt.  He did not enjoy the hot sand, and promptly retreated back to the shade of the car.

I've never been to the Gobi desert or the Sahara but I figure it's like this multiplied by a gajillion.

P on top.

Tank Boulder.

After May Lake, making our way to the tank boulder in Tuolumne Meadows.  Can't believe I'm walking this far for one lone boulder.  

We were stopped by at least three parties on the way past the lake, each inquiring as to the purpose of the crashpads.  Next time, instead of explaining, since to most people climbing = Mt. Everest, we might employ "rough butt sex" as the answer.  Followed shortly by, "Would like to join us??"

A VB-V0 on the tank boulder.  The rock quality is as high as the top out.