Sunday, December 30, 2007

Las Vegas Zoo

There's a pretty cool zoo 5 minutes from our place. They have roosters and chickens wandering free. Hope I didn't catch the bird flu.
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Red Rocks - Kraft Boulders

It looks like he's handling my a$$ quite nicely. I need a better climbing photographer.

32oz of Diet Pepsi V4
Betty Boulder V2
Traverse into Potato Chips V4
Some nameless V3
Jones'in V4
Dusty Coffee V5 (flash - pic)
The Clam Bumper V4
The Shocker V2
Jenna's Jewelry V4
Monkey Up V4
The Prayer V6
Amazing Grace V4
The Offering Scam V1

I must be getting weak because those V4s felt hard. I don't know about the grades in the guidebook. In fact, I'm starting to lose my grasp on grades at this point. My personal grading system is now silence, grunt, growl, hissing exhale, scream. But sometimes the growl works better than the hissing.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bishop trip report

Day 1
Get ass kicked on Iron Man Traverse. Leave blood on all the holds. The blue light is because the sun just set and I have no idea how to use a digital camera.

Day 2
Owens River Gorge:
Some 5.8s and 5.9 on the Great Wall of China. This is what somebody must have done with their machine gun after the heinous approach. I wanted to do the same.

Day 3
Happy Boulders
Serengeti V5
Solarium V3 (twice)
Rave V5 (stand start)
Hulk spits me off (pic)

Day 4
Heidi V0 on the Honey Boulder (pic)
Bouquet V3 next to Heidi
Took 3 huge falls off of Jedi Mind Tricks V3 (dammit!)
Iron Man Traverse V4 (at last! - sadly, no photo or video of the send. Just like Masa.)
Sheepherder V2 on the Loaf