Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LRC and HP40

This is some super tardy content from November of last year when i took a few days to go bouldering in Little Rock City and HP40. The entry sticker for LRC...Thanksgiving Weekend conditions were almost perfect.  A little cold in the mornings and warm in the sun.  Some of the crimpy problems in LRC did get greasy though. 

Takako on Pocket Pool v4.

My lunch. Jam with Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter. Probably better than creatine monohydrate.

Yusuke doing super mario v8 from the sit start.

Me attempting Mortal Kombat at HP40. Super classic v4. like everything else at hp, it was pretty challenging for the grade.

Some food in Gadsden Alabama. Note that golden deep fried hue. It cloaks 95% of the food served in that region of the country.

Me on Bumboy v3. One of the hardest V3s i've ever tried.

Much thanks to Yusuke and Takako for allowing me to tag along and crash in their hotel. Also for taking some fabulous photos.

Day 1 (Thu)  NOv 15
V6 The Wave - Flash
V5 Genghis Khan - 3 tries
V4 - Mystery Groove? don't remember name but the one with tree and cool fin feature.
V3 Two Can Sam horiz jug crack to tiny fist crack
V6 Kingpin? hop slab
V6 Super Mario extension

Day 2 (Fri) nov 16
V3 - Sternum mantle
V5 - Sternum
V1 - area outside dragon area
V4 - Tri Star
V5 - Crack of Doom

Day 3 (Sat)  Nov 17
V1 - Dragon Tail - flash
V4 - Dragon Lady - flash
V7 Midway - flash
V7 A Face in the crowd - flash
V4 Pocket pulling - flash
V5 Diesel Power - rp also called "Whaley of the bell" and sometimes v6
V2 Pancake Mantle - flash

Day 4 (Sun)  Nov 18
dyno v5
random v3

Day 5 (Mon) HP40  Nov 19
bumboy v3
centerpede v4

Day 6 (Tues) HP 40  Nov 20
Popeye v5
Hammerhead v5

Wed Nov 21
Yusuke / Takako drive me from Gadsden to Oxford.  I rent passat with no cruise control drive from oxford to birmingham and then north to nashville.  Big mistake.. should have flown out of Atlanta, where i arrived.

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