Sunday, March 31, 2013


Went to Bishop to boulder at the Buttermilks and sport climb at Owens River Gorge.  Some long-standing bouldering projects finally went down while others continued to thwart my efforts.

Here's a shot by Colby of me sending Flyboy sit V8... it should've been an onsight, but i got it 2nd try.  My onsight attempt got me to the lip, where i blew off and missed all the pads.  The buttermilks gods were kind to me and didn't snap my ankle or right arm, both of which hit the ground.  The right arm tricep was pretty wrecked for the rest of the week.

We stayed at "The Pit" at the Pleasant Valley Campground.  The manager was pretty uptight, and we ended up on his shitlist when people in our didn't pay within 30 minutes of arrival.  For the entire week, he would enter our campsite at 6am and curse loudly muttering things like, "It's two goddamn dollars.  Two dollars!"  "Pay to stay... Goddammit!!"  Of course, we had paid, but his tracking system seemed flawed.  That dude, combined with the wind, made the pit a rather unpleasant experience.  Here's Bill fantasizing about something, not sure what.

It was nice when Pilar and John showed up with the dogs, Othello and Lolita.  They of course did their thing and went on a scavenging rampage.
Othello above.

Lolita.  Below, one of the Beastie Boys gave us a visit...

Colby snapping shots of 7 Spanish Angels...  It took me several goes to send this one.  Even when i stuck the dyno i sort of didn't believe it.

After 7 Spanish, we went to Jedi Mind Tricks, where we all got sun burned and dehydrated.  
Bill attempting Lidija's Mouth v3.

Here's the send list:
Sheepherder v2
East Side Story v3 (highball)
Fly Boy v6
Fly Boy sit v8
Bring the Ruckus/Seven Spanish Angels v6
Jedi Mind Tricks v4 (highball)
Suspended in Silence v5 (highball)
Essential Peabody v0
North Face Direct v2 (highball)
The Knobs v5
Change of Heart v6

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